What I like about life at Libbey…

“I really like working on a brand new value stream along with an older one. Seeing both helps me understand the types of glassware that built Libbey Shreveport and the new production line shows me what our future is. The people I work with are so helpful and patient, I’ve been lucky to work with some awesome teams!”

“Every day is a challenge. We have the chance to be involved in great projects, to learn, to improve and develop ourselves.”

“I like the International/global aspect of the company, working with different cultures, and the freedom ( with boundaries ) to manage the part of the business that I am responsible for as “my store”.”

“I like working for a company that has such a strong history in this area and a strong global presence.”

“The chances to develop yourself within the company.”

“Our people, we are engaged, committed to what we do and we believe in our next success.”