ResourceSpace (aka MediaSpace) v9.0

For a general user guide, click here.

General Features

Collections (@0:25)

Collections are not folders; resources are not stored in collections. Collections are a way of storing a group of bookmarks to resources for a particular purpose or palette. Resources can exist within multiple collections and a collection can contain as many bookmarks to resources as required.

Search (@0:40)

There are two types of search – Simple and Advanced. The Simple Search panel appears to the right of every screen giving access to the ResourceSpace search engine. The panel has a text field for quick, free text searching across the whole library along with other search options, such as resource type and date. The Advanced Search page is accessed directly from this panel, giving more options to refine and target your searches.

Transform feature and custom variations (@3:15)

The Transform feature enables the creation of cropped and scaled images on the fly.

Sharing Resources & Collections (Email and external sharing via generated link) (@3:45)

Sharing Resources is improved in v9.0. Resources and Resource Collections each offer a ‘Share’ option which allows them to be shared with other users, as well as with non-users of the system, to allow greater flexibility of use. Resources are never sent directly to users or non-users, instead a URL is generated for them to access them, thus allowing large collections to be shared with ease and security.

Bulk editing for collections (@5:30)

As well as just editing one resource, you can also edit multiple resources at once. This allows you to easily modify resources in an efficient manner within ResourceSpace. To do this you simply need to add resources to a Collection and then click “Edit All” against that collection. From version 9.0 and later batch editing can also be performed directly on set of search results by selecting ‘Edit all’ from the dropdown list of actions available on the search results page.

Creating Dash Tiles for Collections (@6:15)

Dash tiles are a great way of creating shortcuts to your favourite things in ResourceSpace. From “my collections” you can use the actions menu to produce and style a new dash tile to have your most useful collection close to hand. You can also make a dash tile from a search you have performed, say if you want to work with the resources returned. Just select “Save to dash tile” in the results action menu. This can be used to create a dash tile for a search returning as many or few resources as you wish.

Analytics (@7:00)

The analytics function allows detailed reporting on a variety of system actions, broken down by user group and filtered by a number of different filter options.

ResourceSpace v9.0 Changes

Features Introduced in v9.0

Browse Bar (@0:20)

The Browse Bar provides a folder-like structure based on metadata, allowing you to freely browse the asset repository in an intuitive and recognisable manner. The browse bar appears as a side tab and is available on all pages. Clicking this tab will cause a panel to slide out that contains various folders, allowing the resources to be browsed in a number of ways.

Search Filters (@2:20)

(Admin feature) Each user group can have a ‘search filter‘ set (via the user group options in System Setup), which allows for resource visibility restrictions.

Upload here (@4:20)

Upload here was developed to help users create new resources based on a recent advanced search and upload resources directly from the search page. This functionality only works for searches involving fixed list fields, so it won’t be available for free text or special searches.

Bulk editing for search (@6:00)

Similar to bulk editing for collections (see above), you can now bulk edit directly from search.